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Building Luxury Custom Homes That Are as Remarkable as Our Clients

While Ultimate Choice Luxury Homes is a newer entity, our principals have long been active in the Dallas-Fort Worth homebuilding market. We offer more than 40 years of experience, and distinguish ourselves from other homebuilders and developers in the area by exclusively focusing on the design and construction of luxury custom homes. Our mission is simple: create unique homes that are as remarkable as our clients.

Our History

As a proud Texas resident, Cory spent his entire life in the state of Texas. Growing up he became well known as a golf champion throughout high school, college and professionally.  He competed in multiple tours including the US Pro Golf Tour.
After leaving the golf circuit, Cory founded Ultimate Choice Roofing & Remodeling in 2012. With a strong reputation and high ratings, he continued to grow the brand into what is today. With clients wanting more, he was able to bring additional services into his company. With the help of Lindsey, her efforts have developed the general contracting side of the business. From exterior services to kitchen and bath remodeling, Ultimate Choice Roofing & Remodeling, this husband and wife has turned Ultimate Choice into a full fledged home improvement brand. 
Cory and Lindsey Stone’s mission is to make Ultimate Choice Luxury Homes the Ultimate Builder.
Now featuring principals with decades of combined design/build experience, Ultimate Choice Luxury Homes continues the proud tradition of excellence established by its founders. Moving to a design/build construction model has allowed us to further enhance the client experience by managing every phase of the construction process. Together, our team executes and delivers stunning, well-designed and -engineered custom homes, on time and on budget. Our service area includes the communities of Rockwall, Heath, Dallas and Providence Village, as well as surrounding counties.

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